GAZA – 16/11/2012

This short animation gets straight to the point.  People use the word ‘reductionism’ like its a bad thing.  Personally, I like to break things down to their most basic bits, before the rhetoric and politic gets in the way of the immediate truth.

As I type this, Israel has concocted a fresh assault on the isolated and imprisoned people of the GAZA STRIP.  The date is Friday the 16th of November 2012.  For a timeline of events leading up to today you can go here.

Israel has called this fresh assault OPERATION “PILLAR OF DEFENSE” invoking a Biblical reference from the book of Exodus that would have it seem as though the Jewish God was leading this offensive in the name of the devout Jewish people.  When politics and religion mix, the result is never short of toxic.

In Durban, South Africa, today, this will happen:

The KZN chapter of the Coalition for a Free Palestine is holding a peaceful picket demonstration in front of the Durban City Hall on 16 November 2012 from 2pm onwards, to show solidarity with our Palestinian brothers and sisters in Gaza who are being ruthlessly attacked and murdered by the Apartheid Israeli regime, yet again. We as South Africans of conscience will demand that our government recalls our ambassador in Tel Aviv, back to SA and insist that the Israeli ambassador leaves our shores immediately.

This action is happening in conjunction with other similar protests taking place around the country at the same time, and is part of a national solidarity campaign.

We ask that people participating in the action do so peacefully, and join one of the several picket groups that will be set up in front of the city Hall.

Issued by the KZN Chapter of Coalition for a Free Palestine.

Continued solidarity action and the support of the Palestinian call for BOYCOTT, DIVESTMENT & SANCTIONS of and from Apartheid Israel is being conducted daily by a number of South African support groups and networks.

Follow BDS South Africa on twitter @bdssouthafrica for continued news, views and action in solidarity with a FREE PALESTINE.

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