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New Video: BLUE GENE “Blue Gene”

Lyrics by Creamy Ewok Baggends
Music by Charles Amblard and BLUE GENE

Looking for the animal in man? Here I stand / cat cooler than polar bear sweat gland / top down / check crown / microphone controller / skew peak speak o’ street poetry persona / hang with the slang when ye world grow colder / sparks off the page like the pen’ll solder / picking up the pieces after blasting boulders / lava flows but eruptions over / HEAT / it’s a climate crisis / venomous pimps selling kids their vices / now they wanna battle over who the nicest / all about the cake and the means to ice it / some catch crumbs from some that slice it / some want more then crumbs and pull the gun / Blam! Blam! / gunshots gangster cool / got Godfather types that’re still in school / wanna break / first you have to learn the rules / study the machine then select your tools / wanna mess with the engine / better believe / I got more then an oil change up my sleeve / I twist nuts / while these suckers bust them / all the shit talk and I’m supposed to trust them / selling me the same when I paid for custom / never spin the wheel when the roulettes Russian / got my name on ye slug but ye bullets a blank / tryna buy me out you’d have to blow the bank / I be the Grandmaster Caz not the Big Bank Hank / I be all about the think so remove the tank / my posse roll on the track so the trail got a bump and a groove you can feel like braille / to the snakes we’re bringing in the anti-venom / BLUE GENE / you’re dealing with the deadly denim…

Throwing scripts off the stage like I’m sick of rehearsal / director it’s time for a role reversal / the kid’s taking charge of the dough dispersal / no more feature film following your cheap commercial / this quality come at you from first to last / if it’s all about the bomb then be the first to blast / if it’s all about the function / meetup at the junction / I’ll point to the show where we show you the point / of leaving microphone’s wrecked’s to connect like a joint / make it count like I’m number crunching / down for the count like I’m doing the punching / step into the space like I took the gap / worldwide iconic like a Yankee cap / never that / I’m just a regular rap chap / check it from my kicks to the rest of my claptrap / people want to know what I’ve got in my backpack / ’nuff books ’nuff beats ’nuff reason to rap / tough times never easy when you’re talking the truth / they put the poison in the pudding when you’re looking for proof / people kill for a cause so the cause don’t die / people die for a cause and never question why / so I ride on the track to keep my poetry primed / to cut the head off the spine just to change a mind / coz the answers there / the question’s clear / what kind? / you don’t know what you know until you’re forced to find / you only find the groove when you’re doing the time / you won’t find where you’re at if you’ve never been / sometimes you support / sometimes you lean / sometimes isolated / stand alone unseen / sometimes you connect through a blue gene…



I produced this track in support of the RIGHT TO KNOW CAMPAIGN []

It is a combination of quotes from the R2K statement of their mission, vision and principles together with various “news clips” gathered with information taken from various sources detailing current global government sanctioned attacks on freedom of speech and the subsequent censorship that it entails.

Below is a transcription of the lyrics, quotes and “news clips” in the track.  I have divided them up into their various themes.


0:00 – 0:22

We seek a world where we all have the right to know: to be free to access and to share information. This right is fundamental to any democracy that is able to deliver the social, economic and environmental justice we need. On this foundation, a society and an international community can be built in which we all live free from want, in equality and in dignity.

0:24 – 0:45 SHAHIN NAJAFI

In international news: An Iranian born rapper, Shahin Najafi, has had two fatwas justifying his execution issued earlier this month on account of his song “Naghi”. The song is said to be blasphemous against an Islamic saint and thus makes the rapper an apostate. While senior clerics empowered to issue fatwas act independently of the government, Iranian law grants impunity to anyone who carries out a death fatwa

0:51 – 0:58

An Iranian website has offered one hundred thousand dollars for his head and more then one hundred people have joined an online campaign for his execution.

1:15 – 1:46

Spit for Shaheen / into the face of the fiend / people will be heard if they can’t be seen / with the freedom speech / flow / against the stream / against the grain / rage against the machine / against the dying light / wanna put your god above a human right? / we got a right to know / we got a right to fight Won’t let us speak without permission / either the priest or the politician / fear what they hear when they start to listen / that’s why they need people to be conditioned / we make the mission open eyes / open ears / open minds / we’re all gonna swing from a silent noose if a rapper can’t speak the truth


Julian Assange, chief editor of, has currently been detained for 555 days without charge, while Private Bradley Manning of the United States Army has been in jail for 752 days without trial.

2:32 – 2:53

We subscribe to The Right To Know, which is founded in the right to dignity, and is realized through rights freely to access and share information. We shall defend and advance the right to know, encouraged that it, and it’s constituent rights, were won through peoples struggles and are affirmed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This is what censorship sounds like…


Protestors are calling it Black Tuesday, the darkest day for South African democracy since the end of Apartheid. Members of parliament will [on tuesday] almost certainly pass what is officially called the Protection of Information Bill, otherwise known as The Secrecy Bill.

4:02 – 4:33

I can’t help myself / truth / I need to find it / every door they lock they make me wonder what’s behind it / we let them watch us / we let them spy / now we gonna let them classify? / we’ve been pacified by the average lie / that we need protection from up on high / the highest guys have got the most to hide / that file you got? / I wanna know what’s inside / see them try and keep control / but the stories gonna leak like a Browse Mole / who hold the power gonna hold the secrets / first we leak it / then we speak it / thick and sticky when they leak the cables / wik-wiki-Wiki and we turn the tables / turn on the Mic and let the man flow / I throw a show for the Right To Know

4:47 – 5:04

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

[While I have tried to be as accurate as possible, the time that it has taken to produce the track has left various facts slightly outdated.  Check out the various links for the current status of the three themes I have addressed here.]


Here’s a track I recorded with my wife and DJ Veranda-Panda (together we are SPITMUNKY):

CLIP MY WING featuring Karen Melissa Logan

You know what they say / same shit different day / same script different play / same step different sway / the way’s not clear but the path still trodden / the fruit still sweet even though the core’s rotten / money make man so man make money / money in the hand make a man head funny / money in the head make a man stand soulless / still a broke man and you know this / so this / must be the time for togetherness / to weather this / storm that we form with the deadliest elements / the evidence is obvious / the case is clear / but no place to hear so we face the fear with a deafness / turn on the table so we’re able to express this / bless this mic with a righteous intention / still flying high / hitting hard with my henchmen / still spitting fire coz the fire’s gonna cleanse them / dirt from the blade of the sword that I thrust in / soil in the sand of the land that I trust in’s / gonna be the dust in the mix with the ashes / the day that I stash this

I’m seeing Angels with my eyes but the Devil’s got my tongue man / Trying to live wise but still just a young man / I wanna be a leader for my seeds believe me / but life cuts deep and I bleed to easy / I’m running from the darkness towards the light man / I throw a peace sign but i’m ready to fight man / Ready to take flight / My cries rise / I sing / but the world’s sick / too quick to clip my wing

Still deep in the stucture / stuck in the system /begging for a buck / still stuck in submission / I’m stuck in my mission / I’m struck by conditions / how the poor still running with the rich’s permission / Who am I? they wanna say / and Why I got a voice? / and Why I gotta make noise? / like I got a choice man / speaking for the silent / I rhyme for the robots / sentimental cyborg / activate my voicebox / Done trying to please some with tricks of the tongue / not a young one no more / I know what I rap for / I had enough hand claps to slap on my ego / now I wanna spit a little facts for my people / fight for a cause so they might call you righteous / truth is applied ‘s’why they might wanna fight this / lies make it easier to step through the street / never noticing the dirt that’ll stick to your feet / with your eyes on the skies / all these lives trying to rise / trying to keep your style fly is why we wanna get high /  We never wanna lie / never wanna die no / never wanna show a tear from the fear in my flow / only ever wanna grow / only ever wanna glow / only ever wanna shine / the shine’s all we ever know / From day one son they sold the shine / tryin’ to purchase the soul and the mind

I’m seeing Angels with my eyes but the Devil’s got my tongue man / Trying to live wise but still just a young man / I wanna be a leader for my seeds believe me / but life cuts deep and I bleed to easy / I’m running from the darkness towards the light man / I throw a peace sign but i’m ready to fight man / Ready to take flight / My cries rise / I sing / but the world’s sick / too quick to clip my wing

[Karen Melissa Logan sings out…]