Notes from the Nanjing International Writers’ Residency, 2022

You never really enter a river, The river draws you in, like a streaming tributary. We can never really enter the water because we have never truly left the water. We carry the water with us from as far back as our most ancestral arrivals onto land. The water calls us home, the river draws us back to our beginnings.


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Simple thoughts on a better world

The banks weren’t set up to serve the people, they were set up to serve the banks.  The people serve the banks in a banking system. The country with the most might is the most powerful country, untouchable unswayable impenetrable.  The most might is ensured by the most money.  The biggest army needs the biggest […]

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Scoring Walls #1: the album

SCORING WALLS is an album type collection of new Hip Hop.  It’s my freshest work. I’ve been making this kind of noise professionally for fifteen or so years and this year marks 10 since I released my first full length album: Higher Flyer For Hire.  The fabric of that project has so many threads it’s […]

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I’ve had enough

I am struck by how I live in a world where those with the least do the most with what little they have and yet somehow they still seem to have very little.  Those with the most seem to do the least and still they have the most.  Those with the least inevitably end up […]

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Le Pont (The Bridge)

INTRO Outpourings of all sorts of emotions y’know?  Till you catch yourself feeling too much and scold yourself silently, softly, and proceed to “get real”.  Whatever.  That’s why I listen to bagpipes a lot, coz I like my sentimentality and I like it with some steel in it y’know?  That’s twice I’ve asked if “y’know”. […]

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