New Video: BLUE GENE “Blue Gene”

Lyrics by Creamy Ewok Baggends
Music by Charles Amblard and BLUE GENE

Looking for the animal in man? Here I stand / cat cooler than polar bear sweat gland / top down / check crown / microphone controller / skew peak speak o’ street poetry persona / hang with the slang when ye world grow colder / sparks off the page like the pen’ll solder / picking up the pieces after blasting boulders / lava flows but eruptions over / HEAT / it’s a climate crisis / venomous pimps selling kids their vices / now they wanna battle over who the nicest / all about the cake and the means to ice it / some catch crumbs from some that slice it / some want more then crumbs and pull the gun / Blam! Blam! / gunshots gangster cool / got Godfather types that’re still in school / wanna break / first you have to learn the rules / study the machine then select your tools / wanna mess with the engine / better believe / I got more then an oil change up my sleeve / I twist nuts / while these suckers bust them / all the shit talk and I’m supposed to trust them / selling me the same when I paid for custom / never spin the wheel when the roulettes Russian / got my name on ye slug but ye bullets a blank / tryna buy me out you’d have to blow the bank / I be the Grandmaster Caz not the Big Bank Hank / I be all about the think so remove the tank / my posse roll on the track so the trail got a bump and a groove you can feel like braille / to the snakes we’re bringing in the anti-venom / BLUE GENE / you’re dealing with the deadly denim…

Throwing scripts off the stage like I’m sick of rehearsal / director it’s time for a role reversal / the kid’s taking charge of the dough dispersal / no more feature film following your cheap commercial / this quality come at you from first to last / if it’s all about the bomb then be the first to blast / if it’s all about the function / meetup at the junction / I’ll point to the show where we show you the point / of leaving microphone’s wrecked’s to connect like a joint / make it count like I’m number crunching / down for the count like I’m doing the punching / step into the space like I took the gap / worldwide iconic like a Yankee cap / never that / I’m just a regular rap chap / check it from my kicks to the rest of my claptrap / people want to know what I’ve got in my backpack / ’nuff books ’nuff beats ’nuff reason to rap / tough times never easy when you’re talking the truth / they put the poison in the pudding when you’re looking for proof / people kill for a cause so the cause don’t die / people die for a cause and never question why / so I ride on the track to keep my poetry primed / to cut the head off the spine just to change a mind / coz the answers there / the question’s clear / what kind? / you don’t know what you know until you’re forced to find / you only find the groove when you’re doing the time / you won’t find where you’re at if you’ve never been / sometimes you support / sometimes you lean / sometimes isolated / stand alone unseen / sometimes you connect through a blue gene…


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