This is the process of producing the final ‘piece’ that will feature as a video insert in the FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY 10 Year Anniversary Season performance of the new work entitled “LAST THOUGHTS”. The piece starts off by saying/reading LAST THOUGHTS in some funky lettering, before I completely oblitirate the literary function of letters with […]

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Choreopoetry: LAST THOUGHTS

The Tenth Year Anniversary performance season of FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY takes place in March this year, with a performance of their new piece “LAST THOUGHTS”. Artistic director of the company Leanne Loots calls this type of work a “choreopoem” and I have been privileged enough to participate in over ten of these works, partaking in […]

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“It starts with us sir.”

On the 14th and 15th of February this year I joined “1 Billion Rising” in observing ‘Black Friday’ to stand against gender violence and discrimination.  Plenty of people did the same, from activists to everyday individuals.  I was most proud to note the number of staff members at my new workspace, Clifton College, who were […]

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BLUE GENE “KissKiss BankBank”

Peoples!  This is blatant self-promotion marketing sales pitch aimed at any and all folk who dig my vibes and reckon that they might want to play a monetary part in keeping a brother keeping on. Simply put, I’m fundraising.  Or crowdfunding.  Which is kind of like crowd surfing in that it has the word crowd […]

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