Architecture is a cool word.

Architecture is a cool word.  Let’s get the formalities out of the way: architecture |ˈärkiˌtek ch ər| noun 1 the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. • the style in which a building is designed or constructed, esp. with regard to a specific period, place, or culture : Victorian architecture. 2 the complex […]

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Sinister Coffee on The Corner

There isn’t a Graffiti Writer I know who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to paint up a whole building.  That is the kind of commission we dream about.  Hell, some of us might even pray for this type of wall: large, very public, high-profile, owned by the type of free spirited free thinking free-ky people who […]

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He’s Innocent.

Ask him who he is, he’ ll tell you he’s Innocent. One day a man came to our door looking for help. He was out of work, supporting his younger brother, and he needed to open a bank account so that he could invest any potential salary he might earn. He showed us his ID […]

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Simple thoughts on a better world

The banks weren’t set up to serve the people, they were set up to serve the banks.  The people serve the banks in a banking system. The country with the most might is the most powerful country, untouchable unswayable impenetrable.  The most might is ensured by the most money.  The biggest army needs the biggest […]

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