Scoring Walls #1: the album

Ewok Scoring Walls emblems banner
Artwork by @frshdsgn_dbn

SCORING WALLS is an album type collection of new Hip Hop.  It’s my freshest work.

I’ve been making this kind of noise professionally for fifteen or so years and this year marks 10 since I released my first full length album: Higher Flyer For Hire.  The fabric of that project has so many threads it’s difficult to unravel it all now.  Some of them are tangled, some of them straight stitching, all of them were weaved together in the work of an amateur artist turned freelance professional, determined to fly his flag high on a pole position.

This is Durban urban music.  By that I mean more than just rhyme.  I mean that it’s a collaborative album made possible by the creative contributions of various artists who came together when I put the call out.  That’s a Durban thing, combining across crafts to create something unique.  It’s a Hip Hop thing, mixing separate sounds and sensibilities into logical loops and patterns that find form as fresh flow.

To some, both outsiders and insiders, Durban is a waste of space.  To others, to those who know, it’s like the deep web: an infinite realm of possibility and a sustainable resource of positive creativity, exporting some of eMzansi’s finest up-and-coming talent.  That potential is there all the time, available for all of us artists to feed off.  You can miss it though if you are too distracted by comparison and not focused enough on what is in front of you.

The title of the album has multiple meanings, as any good name should.

Scoring is like winning, like earning, like “I just scored some new kicks” (shot DC) or “I scored a kiff chow” (trans: I ate an excellent meal) or “I scored a section” (I acquired a portion). Y’check? When you’ve got no walls to paint every one you do get is a win, so we used to spend a lot of time back in the day trying to score walls.

Scoring is also making a mark, a permanent mark, leaving a mark. You actually have to make an impression to score something, you have to leave a lasting impression. A permanent mark. Like writing on a wall, once you’ve gone and got people’s attention you had better give them something worth paying attention to.  Then move on to the next one.

So Scoring Walls is an album about making a permanent mark.

It drops on the 19th of December 2017, ten years and two months after I laid down these lyrics “I know where I’m gonna be in twenty years time / still on the mic kicking old man rhymes”.  That was ten years ago…ten more to go…


Ewok Scoring walls banner clip
Artwork by @frshdsgn_dbn

One thought on “Scoring Walls #1: the album

  1. wow! looking forward to the album man. All the best with the project. may it make you fly even higher. and well done for staying true to the art 10 years down the line. I can tell its hip hop….’coz the sweat never shows’

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