I’ve had enough

I am struck by how I live in a world where those with the least do the most with what little they have and yet somehow they still seem to have very little.  Those with the most seem to do the least and still they have the most.  Those with the least inevitably end up doing the most for those that do the least, so that those that do the least can have the most by doing very little.

In this world where children raise their siblings, where children walk long distances for basic necessities like water or education, where they wait long hours to receive basic services that ensure that their basic human rights are realized, in this world there are other children who throw half empty plastic bottles of water into the trash because they have had enough, who pay for more of everything because they don’t worry about not having enough so they spend until they’ve had enough, who eat until they’ve had enough, who pay attention until they have had enough, who grow bored because they’ve had enough.  Enough attention, enough care, enough support, they have enough.

Those that never have enough are always making do with what they do have.  Those that always have enough always want more because they expect that there will be enough.

I’ve had enough.  In my life there were times when I didn’t have all that some others had a lot of, but I always had more than enough of what some others didn’t.  I always had just enough.  I’ve never had none, never not had any.  Now I’ve had enough.  In many ways I’ve had more than enough so now I have extra and I want to do as much as I can with that extra for the sake of those that never have had any or never have enough.  That’s all that I can hope to do, all that I know how to do.  Having had just enough I know what it means to make do.  It means you can make.  It means you can do.  It means that you have had enough and now you have the means, the means to make, the means to do.

If, in this world, some have managed to make do, to make, to do, without having the means to, then this means that I owe it to them to make the most, do the most, whatever that means.

I’ve had enough.

I have the means.

Make.  Do.  Some others don’t have a choice, they must make do.  If they have no choice, then why should you?


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