Architecture is a cool word.


Architecture is a cool word.  Let’s get the formalities out of the way:

architecture |ˈärkiˌtek ch ər|


1 the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

• the style in which a building is designed or constructed, esp. with regard to a specific period, place, or culture : Victorian architecture.

2 the complex or carefully designed structure of something : the chemical architecture of the human brain.

the conceptual structure and logical organization of a computer or computer-based system : a client/server architecture.

Now, let’s SLANG it a bit.

It has the words ARCH and TEC in it, both of which apply at some level to its physical manifestation, especially if you take “tec” to mean “technical”.  So now you have “arch” as in a part of a building and “tec” as in “tech” as in “technical” like a blueprint or schematic or plan, both of which are elements of actual physical architecture.

It helps at this point if you spell it like a Graffiti Writer might: ARKITEKCHA or ARKITEKCHER (if you pronounce it like an American might).  Now you get “ark” as in a container as well as “arc” as in a curve or an element of drawing and design and measurement.  In the first slang version you also get “cha” which is like what the British heads say when they are claiming something, for emphasis: “Cha!”.  You can also read “arc it” or “ark it” phonetically, which could be like a new form of slang, like saying “curve it” or “swing it” or since arcs are generally gradual it could be like saying “keep it smooth” or “Arc it”.

If you think “Ark it” though, as in contain it, it could be like saying “hold back” or “control yourself”.  So then the complete “architect” or in this case “Arc it tech” or “Ark it tech” could mean the ability to either be smooth or to keep your cool, both of which are ultimately similar.  The slang for ones collective methods of keeping it cool, of staying smooth, becomes “arkitekcha” or “arkitekcher”.

For example: “I missed my flight this morning and was delayed by 4 hours…arkitekcha.“

Just like the formal “architecture” there is an art to both.  The style with which you keep it smooth can vary as well.  You could have “Ninja arkitekcha” and be very silent and strong, or you could have “Punk arkitekcha” which would be like “take it or leave it, it is what it is, just leave me be to roll as I do” or maybe “Blues arkitekcha” which would be smoky and subdued and kind of laid back.  “Vampire arkitekcha” would be sexy, “Scientific arkitekcha” would be clever etc.etc.

This is of course a very long stretch and a complete poetic license I am taking with the language here, but I am aiming to create something “complex and carefully designed” in its structure, in reference to the formal definition.  The definition further details a “conceptual structure”.  That’s what this was, the structuring of a concept.

Architecture was a cool word.  Now it’s cooler.  Breaking it down should always be about building it up again, better.

Don’t forget to renew your Poetic License.  It’s the write thing to do.


One thought on “Architecture is a cool word.

  1. Architecture is also a social phenomenon, Architects are responsible for not only the buildings but the (text)ure of our lives. Forming/defining communities by reworking/infiltrating public spaces. An architect can create/design/sustain “Invisible infrastructure” to build communities along the contours of parks, soccer clubs, venues for creativity, …Salsa bands… 🙂

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