Rubik Cube Rapping

This post is a long one.  There is a poem at the end.  You can skip straight to it, but then you would probably have to read the post to understand it, so you might as well start at the start, not the end, coz you’ll end up back at the start in the end. […]

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It’s finally broken down

I had a teacher once who used to say “Right?” after almost every sentence, to the point where we couldn’t concentrate on the lesson or what he was saying because once you started to count the number of times he said it in one 45min class you couldn’t do anything else.  It was like a […]

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2 stoned birds

Nothing to do with marijuana or feathered fauna, more to do with me starting a blog, that ol’ phrase comes to mind “Killing two birds with one stone”.  Thing is, I get uncomfortable even suggesting killing birds.  I love birds.  See, this is why I am starting a blog, because in a very short space […]

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