2 stoned birds

Nothing to do with marijuana or feathered fauna, more to do with me starting a blog, that ol’ phrase comes to mind “Killing two birds with one stone”.  Thing is, I get uncomfortable even suggesting killing birds.  I love birds.  See, this is why I am starting a blog, because in a very short space of thought-time just the idea of killing a bird has me internally ranting at the state of the world, at humans and our apparent disregard for anything other then ourselves, at my own cynicism and short fuse and bitterness and much much more.  So I have decided to create this space, where I can properly break down all my actions and ideas into neat little ‘posts’ that will satisfy my Virgo nature, while also providing a slick little portal into all of my various projects.  Those are the two birds: my activities and my attitudes, the blog is the stone, but i’m not gonna kill them, only stun them.  They will get stoned.

I am going to try and write about everything that  I do, the whole flock in flight, from studio sessions making music to performing it to creating fresh Spoken Word to performing it to painting new walls and promoting shit.  There is a whole lot of additional activity that comes with these main missions, and I think it will make for some interesting documentation.  I also spend a lot of time online checking out various activist blogs and human rights sites and that information generally finds its way into my work.  It’s here that I want to focus most of my posting, so that I can clarify the intentions behind my creativity, both for myself and for my listeners/viewers/fans/followers/watchers/haters.

You can expect lots of audio and imagery together with a whole wealth of words, hopefully witty, possibly wise, mostly wishful thinking and subtle weirdness that will keep me keeping on.

My first official post will be about what I call Rubik Cube Rapping, will explain the name of the blog and delve into my style a bit to answer some questions even I keep asking.



4 thoughts on “2 stoned birds

  1. Looking forward to being kept in the loop. As you know, as an established cynic, I don’t always agree with you, but I always love learning about the bigger picture.

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