BLUE GENE “KissKiss BankBank”

Peoples!  This is blatant self-promotion marketing sales pitch aimed at any and all folk who dig my vibes and reckon that they might want to play a monetary part in keeping a brother keeping on.

Simply put, I’m fundraising.  Or crowdfunding.  Which is kind of like crowd surfing in that it has the word crowd in it and ends with “ing”.  Other than that though it’s quite different, more like straight up asking for your dough to keep BLUE GENE on the go.

Here’s how it works: you donate a certain amount on our KISSKISS BANKBANK site (it’s in Euros due to the French connection but the Rand conversions are below) for which you receive certain BLUE GENE product depending on the extent of your possible purchasing power (I had to throw in some extra p’s there, it’s a nasty habit ‘alittering’).

We only have 19 days left to reach our target otherwise all of the money goes back and we get squat.

Folks, I guarantee quality here.  You have my Spoken Word on that.  Check out the site and if you are feeling it then hit us up with some of that cold currency and we’ll hit you back with some original Spoken Word flavoured Hip Hop heat.


[ZAR conversions: our TOTAL GOAL is 3000 euro (about R35 000).  The following are rounded off approximations]

– 1euro = R12

– 5euro = R60

– 15euro = R178

– 30euro = R356

– 50euro = R593

– 100euro = R1186

– 300euro = R3558


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