He’s Innocent.

Ask him who he is, he’ ll tell you he’s Innocent. One day a man came to our door looking for help. He was out of work, supporting his younger brother, and he needed to open a bank account so that he could invest any potential salary he might earn. He showed us his ID […]

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Simple thoughts on a better world

The banks weren’t set up to serve the people, they were set up to serve the banks.  The people serve the banks in a banking system. The country with the most might is the most powerful country, untouchable unswayable impenetrable.  The most might is ensured by the most money.  The biggest army needs the biggest […]

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This is my take on Garfield’s worst day of the week. If we could think of Mondays like Fridays…then we could do anything. However, it might be possible with a little bit of mental gymnastics. Either way, it makes for some Spoken Word…



I produced this track in support of the RIGHT TO KNOW CAMPAIGN [www.r2k.org.za] It is a combination of quotes from the R2K statement of their mission, vision and principles together with various “news clips” gathered with information taken from various sources detailing current global government sanctioned attacks on freedom of speech and the subsequent censorship that […]


GAZA – 16/11/2012

This short animation gets straight to the point.  People use the word ‘reductionism’ like its a bad thing.  Personally, I like to break things down to their most basic bits, before the rhetoric and politic gets in the way of the immediate truth. As I type this, Israel has concocted a fresh assault on the […]

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Here’s a track I recorded with my wife and DJ Veranda-Panda (together we are SPITMUNKY): CLIP MY WING featuring Karen Melissa Logan You know what they say / same shit different day / same script different play / same step different sway / the way’s not clear but the path still trodden / the fruit […]

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Rubik Cube Rapping

This post is a long one.  There is a poem at the end.  You can skip straight to it, but then you would probably have to read the post to understand it, so you might as well start at the start, not the end, coz you’ll end up back at the start in the end. […]

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It’s finally broken down

I had a teacher once who used to say “Right?” after almost every sentence, to the point where we couldn’t concentrate on the lesson or what he was saying because once you started to count the number of times he said it in one 45min class you couldn’t do anything else.  It was like a […]

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2 stoned birds

Nothing to do with marijuana or feathered fauna, more to do with me starting a blog, that ol’ phrase comes to mind “Killing two birds with one stone”.  Thing is, I get uncomfortable even suggesting killing birds.  I love birds.  See, this is why I am starting a blog, because in a very short space […]

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