New music: “BRICS from below”

[intro] [verse one] Capital B to the R to the I C S / 5 letters suggest who writes the cheques / but never checks the rights / so the people’s lives are economically “bloc”ed by these Capital lies / Time to learn about these letters that we capitalize / Keep the people lowest level […]


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BRICS that don’t build

BRICS is coming to town this week, Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th, the ICC in Durban once again playing host to some of the heavyweights of our little planet and its septic politics. Brazil, Russia, India, China and of course South Africa. (Wait, shouldn’t that spell BRICSA? Aaaah, but that wouldn’t be a clever little […]

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This is the process of producing the final ‘piece’ that will feature as a video insert in the FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY 10 Year Anniversary Season performance of the new work entitled “LAST THOUGHTS”. The piece starts off by saying/reading LAST THOUGHTS in some funky lettering, before I completely oblitirate the literary function of letters with […]

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Choreopoetry: LAST THOUGHTS

The Tenth Year Anniversary performance season of FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY takes place in March this year, with a performance of their new piece “LAST THOUGHTS”. Artistic director of the company Leanne Loots calls this type of work a “choreopoem” and I have been privileged enough to participate in over ten of these works, partaking in […]

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“It starts with us sir.”

On the 14th and 15th of February this year I joined “1 Billion Rising” in observing ‘Black Friday’ to stand against gender violence and discrimination.  Plenty of people did the same, from activists to everyday individuals.  I was most proud to note the number of staff members at my new workspace, Clifton College, who were […]

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BLUE GENE “KissKiss BankBank”

Peoples!  This is blatant self-promotion marketing sales pitch aimed at any and all folk who dig my vibes and reckon that they might want to play a monetary part in keeping a brother keeping on. Simply put, I’m fundraising.  Or crowdfunding.  Which is kind of like crowd surfing in that it has the word crowd […]

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Architecture is a cool word.

Architecture is a cool word.  Let’s get the formalities out of the way: architecture |ˈärkiˌtek ch ər| noun 1 the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. • the style in which a building is designed or constructed, esp. with regard to a specific period, place, or culture : Victorian architecture. 2 the complex […]

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Sinister Coffee on The Corner

There isn’t a Graffiti Writer I know who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to paint up a whole building.  That is the kind of commission we dream about.  Hell, some of us might even pray for this type of wall: large, very public, high-profile, owned by the type of free spirited free thinking free-ky people who […]

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