New Brand Of Dad


Above, the real, below, the shpiel.

(Here’s the content from

The Brands:

DC Shoes Africa
Adidas SA
Redbull SA
Redbull Studios Cape Town

The Dads:

Steve “Audiophile 021” Elsworth, dad to 15 month old Mathew, second to none when it come to beat production and performance, longtime participant in the audio game with rocking spots from ‘Daisies’ to ‘Koppies’. When he’s not playing with a knob he’s cycling, jolling with Mathew, or clashing with clans. The masterful mind behind the beats and the boards, Audiophile 021 signature big bass quality is laced all through his production on New Brand Of Dad. From drums to desk to mix and master, the undisputed captain of the project, putting everything he’s got into securing the top spot for his first full length release. Everything he’s got goes beyond saying a lot. Back up I say, the man don’t play…unless Matt is bored.

Iain Gregory Robinson, the one Creamy Ewok Baggends, father to 2yr old Ethan, Poison City pen pushing prolific MC, known for dropping his own type of Spoken Word flavor Hip Hop knowledge from Sweden to South America, plus dropping on one-two spots in between. With a background in battle rap and freestyle, plus a career upon the theatrical stage, this philosophical poet presents some true-school oration, made up of everything from disses to discussions. More conversation then cussing, New Brand Of Dad combines Ewok’s love for facts over fiction together with his raw lyrical lashing. If he sounds like he’s speaking too fast, maybe you’re just listening too slow. The realist lesson he teaches he heard from Hip Hop, but he learned from Ethan: don’t believe the hype.

The News:

Do the rewind, 2 years ago. Steve sits engineering Ewok’s other project, a five piece live Parisian hip hop outfit called Blue Gene at Redbull Studios Cape Town. This marks the third time the two have worked across the boards together, and Steve decides to pitch Ewok a set of his original beats. Ewok accepts after wiping the drool off his earhole. They joke about being new dads, with Ewok junior just a few months old and Steve and his lady expecting their own addition. The joke extends to ripping each other’s opposing brand endorsements off, Ewok on DC and Steve on Adidas. Then it drops: brand new dads + branded dads = a new brand of dad. It’s on. Ewok writes and records rough vocals for a 5 track e.p. and the project starts to roll until…nothing. Matthew is born, Ethan is growing, being dad’s kicks into full gear and both heads dive deep into trying to navigate the early years of their sons’ existences.

Do the fast forward to now.

With the go ahead from Redbull South Africa, Ewok jets into the Cape Town studios for a three day session with Steve to finally put the project into play. The studio hums the whole time with rap activity, while the doors keep opening to allow more players in to participate, including a proper play date with the kids running wild in the studio. With all this additional energy the project expands from a short play release into a full length album, with the two dads slapping hands on a final fourth day listening session and parting ways once again to get back to family functions.

The rest is soon to be history.

Listen out for those cameo appearances, including new brands of dad such as Falko Starr & Zolani Mahola. Keep an eye and ear on the additional artistry of DJ AZUHL (Cape Flats Beatbangaz) & Playone a.k.a someone’s lecturer.


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